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As others see it: Our response in Iraq is critical

America and its citizens are often cautious about jumping into a foreign conflict like the civil strife in Iraq and Syria. It often takes an act of tyranny, such as the cowardly beheading of American journalist James Foley, to awake the “sleeping giant” of America.

The video of Foley’s beheading shows the depth of depravity ISIS and other militant groups in Syria and Iraq will go to advance their cause.

We are sorry for the death of our fellow journalist and this tragic loss for his family.

President Obama was correct last week when he said the self-described caliphate ISIS is “a cancer” that threatens all of Middle East as well as the United States.

In reality, ISIS has declared war upon America and its citizens as well as the rest of the West. There is no negotiating with these Islamic State jihadists.

They first tried to extort a $132-million ransom from the United States government and then from Foley’s family. Then they cruelly executed Foley and threatened other American captives in their custody.

These depraved terrorists have threatened, stoled, tortured, raped, beheaded and murdered their way across northern Syria and Iraq. Still their rise to power occurred within the power vacuums of those two countries.

The savagery of these jihadists is now well established. The question is what will America do about it.

First, there is no negotiating with these terrorists.

Second, America and the West — especially Europe — must develop a coordinated and robust action plan to combat the ISIS threat in the Mideast and at home. The threat of these militants is real.

The U.S. and the West must also continue to assist Iraq in rebuilding its defense forces in order to fight the ground war on these militants.

America should continue its air war on the offensive forces of ISIS.