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Column: Outdoor work improving Worthington Middle School

District 518

WORTHINGTON -- What's new at Worthington Middle School? Well, it's not the office or the 12 classroom additions, and it's not the upgrade to our heating, cooling and electrical systems. That's all last year's news.

This year, we are on to the outside of the building. This spring and summer will see a new set of fitness/playground equipment installed near the football and softball fields. We will also be adding an eight-seat swing set, four new basketball hoops, two tetherballs and a new section of blacktop to serve as a playground area. This is all part of the construction project budget, but was delayed until this year due to the scope and time constraints of last summer's work.

You may have already read about the tennis court project, which will be happening just south of the building and next to the softball fields and will include a much needed bathroom and storage area. Our landscaping in the front of the building needs a facelift after all of the construction projects, not to mention 30 years of service. With all of this work, Worthington Middle School will continue to look good for the next 30 years.

We will continue to offer the same quality and variety of programs in our academic, exploratory and extra-curricular activities. Band, choir and orchestra will continue during the school day along with all of our exploratory classes: Agriculture, Art, Computers, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health, Industrial Technology, Music and Physical Education -- all of which are taught by teachers licensed in those areas. We are so pleased to be able to bring this wide variety of career exploration and lifelong skills to our students. Not all middle schools and junior highs are able to offer these opportunities.

We will have a few new things going on inside the building. Like every school, we have a section of our student population that does not qualify for Special Education or English Language services, so we need to find some new ways to better serve them. Therefore, some of our students who struggle academically will see changes to their schedules as we work with them to build their skills.

If you ever want to take a tour, or find out more about what is new at Worthington Middle School, stop in or give me a call.

Jeff Luke is principal at Worthington Middle School.