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Kindergarteners learn plenty at WCS

WORTHINGTON -- Kindergarten of the past is not the kindergarten of today.

This statement is only partly true. The goal of kindergarten still remains the same -- to build a foundation for lifelong learning and establish good feelings about school. Kindergarten is still the first stepping stone for academic and social skills. It continues to be a place where new friends are made, self-confidence is built and children begin to bloom.

What has changed is kindergarten has become more focused and goal-oriented. There is greater expectation for independency, following routines and increased learning. Skills that were once taught during first grade are now being introduced in kindergarten. Due to these higher standards, parents should help their child transition by acquainting themselves with what their child will be learning in kindergarten.

Language arts is where students discover words and literacy. A student's understanding of words and sounds will grow so immensely that by the end of kindergarten, he will be able to read simple books. This learning process begins with review of letters and their sounds and then moves on to blending letters into words. Reading improves throughout the year as students improve their phonemic awareness skills, recognize sight words and identify story elements. Students will work on writing the letters of the alphabet and, soon after, their own sentences and stories.

Bible is an important, unique, and often favorite subject at Worthington Christian School. Kindergarteners are immersed in stories from the Bible to show the awesomeness and compassion of God. They develop memorization skills by memorizing parts of scripture and learn to use the Bible as a tool for everyday life.

What can a parent expect for their kindergartener in the area of math? Lots! Students will learn to count by ones, twos, fives and 10s. They will sort by different attributes, create patterns, count money, measure and tell time. As the year progresses, students will solve story problems and begin to do simple addition and subtraction. The wide array of math concepts taught allows students to grow very quickly academically.

Social studies and science are not generally considered kindergarten subjects, but they definitely come into play at WCS. Science is a hand-on subject where students explore the world around them, living and non-living, and also learn about being healthy and taking care of their bodies. Like science, social studies lend young minds the opportunity to examine people in our country and world from the past to the present. Students learn how special holidays are celebrated and discover ways they can be a good citizen in their community.

Arts are not to be forgotten in the kindergarten curriculum. Music, art and creative play are essential to help kindergarteners learn more about themselves and their creativity. Art activities in and out of the classroom teach them to exercise their imagination and celebrate their individuality.

An immense amount of learning is expected and accomplished in kindergarten at WCS. The goal of kindergarten is to help students build a foundation for learning in every possible way (academic, social, spiritual and emotional) and have fun doing it. The goal of Worthington Christian School is to educate children in the light of God's word and prepare them for a life of service to God, His creation and their community.

Are you looking for a kindergarten program that will provide a firm foundation your child's education experience? Worthington Christian School will be hosting a kindergarten open house from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 19. Everyone is invited to come and see for yourself!

Martha Lubben is the Worthington Christian School kindergarten teacher.