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Letter: Volunteers are quietly helping with seniors

By Mike Woll, Worthington

The Daily Globe has done a nice job covering the success of the recently completed, senior-focused Center for Active Living and telling the story of the $25,000 State Wide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) grant.

As is often the case on community projects, a few individuals have quietly worked extremely hard to make things happen. Over the past several weeks, Craig Patten and Ryan Seykora have volunteered their nights and weekends to build a raised garden wall at the Center for Active Living. The garden materials were funded by the SHIP grant, but there was no money for the labor. Along with help from Craig’s sons, they constructed a beautiful garden wall that will serve both organizations for many years.

While Ryan lead the SHIP grant process through his role at the YMCA, the construction of the wall far exceeded his responsibilities, and neither he nor Craig will see a direct benefit from the raised garden.

Thank you, gentlemen, for making a difference.