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Letter: Klumper family grateful for help

By Tresse (Klumper) Evenson, Sioux Falls, S.D.

Dear Family & Friends of Worthington:

I have written a good number of thank-you notes in my 32 years. My mom and dad were pretty adamant about sending a thank-you for every birthday and Christmas gift received. They were handwritten, mind you — this was the ’80s and ’90s. Sometimes my Grandma Hein would even “correct” them and send them back. It’s hard to take the English out of the retired teacher.

As an adult, there have been graduation gift thank you’s, wedding gift thank you’s, baby shower thank you’s, and many work-related thank you’s to prospective Augustana students. And yet, with all this practice saying thanks, I am truly at a loss for how to adequately say so to the wonderful people of my hometown.

So many of you have stepped in to help us out. You’re willing to do my dad’s farm chores, walk his dog, water his trees, bale his hay, take his sheep to market. You’re keeping everything going so we don’t have to worry about it.

We have been blessed beyond belief by generous gifts of money, gift cards and participation in fundraisers. Your spirit of giving is humbling. We never knew we’d be in the T-shirt business. Initially worried about getting rid of just 73 shirts, we will have printed 642. One of the things we are most anxious to show my dad when he wakes up are the pictures of those he knows and loves wearing the ‘He Heals’ T-shirt in support.

It is easy to thank someone for visiting us in the hospital, for bringing us a meal, for sending flowers and cards. To thank you, however, for the countless prayers you’ve sent up for my dad is beyond my scope of understanding. We have come to rely on our faithful Caring Bridge readers and prayers. The morning my dad’s lungs started failing, we threw a quick post up in the journal so everyone knew exactly what to ask God for. Within 24 hours, he had made a complete turn for the better. His ICU doctor said he was quite surprised at how fast he improved. We really should not be so surprised.

“God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3). He also blesses us with people willing to go out of their way, time and again. You are healing our hearts as well, as you pray for healing for my dad.

On behalf of my brothers and my mom, thank you. Thank you so much. We could tell you repeatedly and never feel like it’s been enough.