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Letter: Kids shouldn't be inappropriate movies

By Meghan Westendorf, Bigelow

I had not been to the Northland Mall Cinema 5 for a long time. I thought my boyfriend and I would go to the movies. However, the last two experiences I had were very unpleasant and horrible. We went out expecting a quiet night at the movies, but there were young kids getting into movies that they shouldn’t be seeing at their ages. The movies are rated for a reason.

The kids were talking, screaming and carrying on during the rated-R movies “The Heat” and “The Conjuring.” There were two babies in a baby carrier crying. They shouldn’t have even been allowed in the movies. The other kids weren’t even over the age of 5, but in a rated-R movie.

My boyfriend and I left the movies and complained. We couldn’t get refunds, but were offered movie passes. We didn’t want the movie passes because we will not be going back. We already live outside of Worthington and have to travel. We shouldn’t have to spend that much money to put up with that kind of treatment. I will be taking my business somewhere else.