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Letter: Kids, parents are accountable for vandalism

By Ron Glawe, Worthington

My heart and sympathy go out to the people affected by the Round Lake cemetery vandalism.

I was outraged to say the least when I read the article in the Daily Globe. I was outraged even more when I read the kids may not face charges. I ask that the Nobles County Sheriff’s Department and Nobles County Attorney’s office look long and hard at this situation.

If juveniles are not held accountable for these actions, what kind of adults will they become? These kids had enough idle time to vandalize the Round Lake Cemetery. It is my recommendation that since they have so much time on their hands, they should be sentenced to hundreds of hours of hard physical labor doing community service work.

I have one other question. Where are the parents in this picture? Parents should also be held accountable for their kids’ actions. I pray and hope this situation gets prosecuted to the highest extend of the law.