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Board sets February referendum date

Letter: Higher costs don't equal affordability

By Bill Anderson, Worthington

With the recent implementation of the Affordable Care Act, we have begun noticing the adverse effects of this imposed law. As a caveat I realize the enormity of costs involved in healthcare and it is very unfortunate for those who cannot afford it, who are unemployed or who are not provided healthcare by their employers.

Just recently I received a letter from my employer that this new law will impose new costs on our health plan and, as a result, employees’ premiums will go up. Not only will employees’ premiums go up, but also our taxes will likely be raised to pay for those who cannot afford health insurance. Our tax dollars will pay for the subsidies they are to receive.

In addition to these two costs mentioned, the new law will penalize someone for choosing not having health insurance. What this penalty involves is this individual will have to pay a fee to the government.

For the majority of Americans, this law will impose an incredible amount of new costs that really are the antithesis of “Affordable.”