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Letter: Library decision can't be delayed any longer

By Marion Cashel, Worthington

I visited the Nobles County Fair Saturday, toured the Commercial Building and viewed the display of possible new library sites. I visited with a person from Round Lake about all the sites. I then said, “I thought the issue needed to be settled by a referendum.”

From there she referred me to Commissioner Bob Demuth, who was present. I asked him what was happening regarding the proposed library. I said that this ball has been bounced around for about five years now, and nothing has come of it other than more rhetoric. Demuth said they would be finding out what the comments taken from the box at the fair would reveal. Then “a line in the sand would be drawn.” I said, “Meaning?” “Meaning that a decision might then be made.” What?

He told me the first thing to do is to pick up a petition form at the Government Center. Then what? Interested/concerned voters would/could then go door-to-door seeking signatures regarding the addition to the ballot for a new library. Then what? He said 5 percent of Nobles County’s registered voters would have to be in favor of a referendum. Can any of us imagine how many voters that would be? My health won’t allow me to go door-to-door with a request to sign a form indicating a need for a referendum ballot in the November election. Who else would step up? “Find someone else,” was his reply.

I also attended one of the public forum meetings at the Government Center. We didn’t hear much from anyone in an official capacity. I visited with Marv Zylstra, but didn’t see any other commissioners there. The architect made an effort to explain the sites.

This hot potato seems to be tossed back and forth until soon the issue will just go away, and we’ll still be in need of a library and more materials. E-books aren’t the only answer. Many want/need “hands-on” materials. Come on, voters; we need to think outside the box.