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Letter: October is National Principals Month

By Shelly Maes, Manager, Member Services, SW/WC Service Cooperative

National Principals Month is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of all principals and assistant principals to the success of students in Minnesota schools and to encourage increased awareness of school leadership in ensuring that every child has access to a high-quality education.

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Principals set the academic tone for their schools and work closely with teachers to develop and maintain high curriculum standards, mission statements and performance goals and objectives. In doing this, principals wear multiple hats. They are often expected to be educational visionaries, instructional leaders, assessment experts, disciplinarians, community builders, public relations experts, budget analysts, facility managers, special programs administrators, and the guardians of various policy initiatives, while at the same time being entrusted with our young people.

The SW/WC Service Cooperative is proud to support our region’s principals! Be sure to take time this month to thank your school principals.