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Letter: Glass-Steagall must be law once again

By Andy Olson, Windom

The federal shutdown is promoting a state of near panic. Many Americans are viewing the present chaotic events as alarming because they don’t see a future. Our financial system is in a breakdown crisis, and there is no solution within this system. All we see is ongoing Fed quantitative easing, sundry multi-trillion dollar bailouts of Wall Street and international speculative gambling debts.

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The American people have been repeatedly traumatized since the killing of JFK and the Warren Report cover-up. We have lived through endless destructive wars abroad and irregular warfare at home. The truth about such defining events has largely been kept from us. The D.C. Navy yard incident and the bizarre Oct. 4 chase through D.C. that culminated in the Capital police killing the unarmed driver are classic examples of irregular warfare. Good detective work needed to hear the deprogrammed stories of these two manic individuals, but then, dead people don’t talk.

The coverup of the truth of the 9/11 irregular warfare attack by first George W. Bush and now Barack Obama must be revealed. The classified 28 pages in the 9/11 commission’s report must be declassified. The Saudi and British Aerospace Enterprises (BAE) funding and support of the relevant hijackers is detailed in these classified 28 pages.

President Obama’s narcissistic personality as likened to Emperor Nero’s failed personality should never have been allowed in the White House. A probable Oct. 17 U.S. default is less than two weeks away. Are we in for more crisis management, or may this unwise brinkmanship accelerate out of control?

The only solution that will work is Lyndon LaRouche’s call for the reimplementation of the Glass-Steagall Law and subsequent rebuilding program. Glass-Steagall legislation has been introduced in both houses of Congress, and five members of the Minnesota delegation have endorsed it. This is the only policy that will begin to secure our posterity once again.