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Letter: Boehner, Republicans have held nation hostage

By Marvin Kroontje, Magnolia

That was a very good letter to the editor by Debra Hogenson on Oct. 10 (“Republicans’ shutdown triggers host of questions”). The insane insensibility of the Republican party is more dangerous than foreign terrorists.

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We had a balanced budget and no debt when Bill Clinton left office and the Republicans made short work of throwing billions of dollars down a rat hole, leading us the 2008 recession and raising the debt limit nearly a dozen times without opposition. Now, the Republicans want to steal our Social Security to pay for the Bush wars.

There’s talk now that Democrats should give House Speaker John Boehner something for holding the nation hostage. Why? Because he might cry? He was foolish to get pushed into the standoff from the beginning.

People should also let Chief Justice John Roberts (his address: U.S. Supreme Court, One First St. N.E., Washington, DC 29543) and let him know that corporations are not people and should not be buying Congress through campaign contributions. The rich should also not be allowed to give unlimited amounts of money to campaign funds, which results in letting a few of the rich buy Congress. We don’t have a democracy; we have an auction. Invest in America — buy a congressman.