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Letter: Look at entire picture when it comes to energy

By District 22 Sen. Bill Weber, R-Luverne

My district is the largest wind-producing district in Minnesota. I understand how crucial it is to develop and invest in renewable energy sources. Renewables like wind, solar and biofuels must be part of America’s “all of the above” energy policy. We must work to develop all different types of domestic energy sources so America can become economically secure through energy security. With this investment in renewables, we cannot forget that the continued investment in energy sources like oil, gas and coal is necessary to maintain a reliable and affordable energy industry. We definitely need to work to reduce our reliance on these sources, but as it stands, they must be part of our comprehensive energy policy.

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No industry should be shown favoritism, but we also should not actively seek to punish specific industries with higher taxes and more regulations. Because of our dependence on oil and gas, higher taxes on companies in this industry doesn’t do much good for anyone; in fact, it will hurt average Americans in the form of more expensive gasoline and higher utility bills.

Let’s stop with the attacks on certain energy sectors we don’t like and work to develop a pragmatic energy policy that will make America completely energy secure. I’m tired of billions of American dollars being sent to unstable, unreliable and unfriendly countries.