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Letter: Chamber calls on District 518 residents to vote

By the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Citizens of Nobles County,

A special election will take place on November 5th regarding the students of Independent School District 518. The school district is seeking a building bond not to exceed $38,975,000.00 to pay for a multiple list of expenses that were outlined in the notice of special election sent to citizens of Nobles County. The school district also has a proposed referendum to adopt a $1,000 per pupil unit operating referendum to replace/renew the existing levy that expires with taxes payable 2014.

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It is our time as voting citizens to exercise our right and responsibility to vote on this special election regarding these two different decisions. Whether you vote yes or no, we need your turn out at the voting polls to make this decision. Yes, this will affect your taxes, but also affect the quality of education received by the students. There are always pros and cons to issues as in this special election and now you the citizen can make the decision by voting on November 5th. Please vote November 5th on the school district bond issue and proposed referendum.