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Letter: Vote yes to continue to tradition of quality

By Gordy H. Moore, St. Paul

Hello Worthington! I am writing in support of the upcoming vote on the operating levy and building bond referendum. Why am I taking time out of my college schedule to write a letter to the editor of my good ol’ hometown paper? I do firmly and wholeheartedly believe in the necessity of both proposals — but there is something more.

I care about my hometown and the students of ISD 518, including my younger siblings. I want them and all future students to have the same amazing opportunities that I had to learn, find myself and participate in a huge array of activities during my time in the district. Middle school choir — with the talented, caring, wonderful, etc., Mrs. Anderson — was an important part of my middle school experience, but what if the previous referendum had failed and middle school choir had been deemed unnecessary and cut?

What if Prairie Elementary had not been built or not been built to the extent that it was? I had the privilege of attending Prairie in its first year, and it was and is a great building. Now, due to population growth, it is too small. Why should we deny students the opportunity to have a new building that fits their space and usage needs? I can personally speak to the space crunch and other difficulties at the high school — I haven’t yet forgotten the ill-suited cafeteria and miserably small orchestra storage area.

District 518 is trying to continue a tradition of providing a high-quality education while giving students a large array of sports, clubs, activities and other organizations in which they can enjoy themselves and learn a lot. The district provided teaching and resources to ready my classmates and I for all kinds of colleges and careers — from the private liberal arts college that I attend, to large state colleges, trade school, technical school and even entering the workforce. There will always be the issue of money and taxes to worry about. There will, unfailingly, be those who want more than what is proposed, and those who simply have a problem with everything. There is, however, only one opportunity to educate and grow Nobles County’s children.

Long after taxes large or small have been paid, the impact that District 518 has on the children it educates will be visible through the students it sends into the world. I can only hope that everyone back home will vote “Yes” on Tuesday, Nov. 5, and not stop District 518 from doing all it can for the kids it is nurturing.