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Letter: Strong school district is a must for our area

By Jerry and Terry Perkins, Worthington; David and Sally Anne Benson, Bigelow; Paul and Beverly Hansberger, Worthington; Linden and Carol Olson, Worthington

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We are farmers or/and agriculture landowners who support the District 518 (Worthington area school district) bond referendum question.

We are given a sharp reminder each time we pay our property taxes that the cost of the school bond referenda presently falls heavily and unfairly on us as agricultural landowners and operators. However, we also believe the present and future needs of our students and this area outweigh this present unfairness — an unfairness that can only be corrected by the Minnesota legislature. We are also committed to help Minnesota legislators understand the unfairness of the present school funding system and to change it to a more equitable system in the future.

A forward-looking school system with a quality educational program and associated educational opportunities and experiences is a major necessity for an area wanting to expand existing businesses, and draw new businesses and new families to the area. The result lowers the tax costs to each taxpayer because it spreads the total tax over a larger tax base. On the other hand, when schools become overcrowded, they often must reduce the quality of education to its students by increasing class sizes, reducing course offerings and eliminating programs or educational experiences. When this happens the whole area suffers as property values decline, young people leave the area, the tax base is lowered and everyone pays more.

Please join us in supporting the students and area by voting YES on the ballot questions for the special election for ISD 518, the Worthington area schools, on Nov. 5.