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Letter: Hold lawmakers accountable on Obamacare

By Leroy Vetsch, Brewster

During the process in pushing through the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, why didn’t our representatives and senators in Washington work together in the first place? Why were the Republican ideas slapped down at every turn? Why weren’t the American people part of the process? Why did Obamacare have to be passed at the hour it was without anyone reading the bill?

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The answer to those questions is found in the attitude of those who were supposed to represent us. The arrogance and the “I know-it-all attitude” and the obsession with power went to their heads. So, now the American people are the ones who are suffering. Of course, the American people have forgotten that we are to hold our elected officials accountable and that they are so be doing the people’s business.

The tables have been turned, and now we must do Washington’s business. We are now servants of the state. There is an election coming up next year. We must decide on what direction we want our nation to go.

Do we want to continue to serve the Washington elite (Congress), or do we want them to serve the people and do what is right for America?