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Letter: Constitutional concepts have vanished

By Terry Morrison, Worthington

I hate the change in daylight savings time — pick one and leave it alone. Pennies? I mean really, are we serious? Does anyone need Saturday mail delivery? Good grief, just do a little more texting. And honestly, the metric system isn’t that hard to learn and once you do — 14 is easier on the brain than nine-sixteenths.

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Oh, and then there are the small items like Social Security and Medicare. Let’s just wait until there’s a major crisis and our national board of directors advises the bureaucrats to stop printing checks. Never mind if we fix things now with moderate pain for everyone and both will be solvent.

Don’t revise and repair the problems with the Affordable Care Act. Just blow it up. Then, let’s go back to the be-all-and-end-all for health insurance called the private market.

In my job, the status quo pushed us to a tipping point via double-digit premium increases year after year, the last at 40 percent. Guess where our group health went?

Really, the tea party is the Taliban of American politics —just IED the government. Well, in a year I’m going to be a pensioner, and guess what — I need the government. It’s a useless circus and not entertaining. The Democrats won’t talk about “entitlements” and the Republicans won’t consider revenue increases for the wealthy 1 percent who get richer by the year.

George Will had a wonderful column the other day where he talked about compromise and incrementalism — concepts built into our constitution. In sober fairness, we are looking at a crumbling of the best governing philosophy yet devised. These guerilla tactics are screwing around with a lot more than Obamacare — how about calling it democracy?