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Letter: More to the Minnesota West-Central Lakes story

By Margo M. Devlin, Crystal

First of all, I attended the Minnesota West-Central Lakes football game at Brainerd on Oct. 26 and witnessed the entire unfortunate situation. I sent a letter to the editor and also to the coach at Minnesota West. It is sad that such behavior by four or five team members caused such a bad name for Minnesota West. Having read all the articles published in the Globe regarding this incident, there were a few facts that were not mentioned that influenced the result at the end:

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1. There was no mention of the fact that Minnesota West had eight penalties for 110 yards, five of which were personal fouls (15 yards). CLC had two for 10 yards (no personal fouls).

2. The referee advised the CLC coaches to not line up after the game and to leave the field immediately to avoid any altercation.

3. The language used by the Minnesota West players to the refs, fellow players and their coaches was definitely unacceptable. The men doing the sticks said that they were not comfortable at all being on that side of the field.

4. The CLC players left the field as they were told and did not engage in any of the physical altercations. There were two players from CLC that did some yelling and were immediately told to be quiet. Yes, there was a fan that was yelling racial slurs, and yes, that was unacceptable.

5. Yes the CLC players were celebrating — they won the game!

6. This fact did not need to be mentioned, but as CLC had played MN West previously and knew they played “dirty,” once again they were told by their coaches to not get sucked in by this. Anyone exhibiting such behavior would be pulled out of the game.

I was very proud of the CLC players through the entire game and altercation. They showed they were able to control themselves and followed their coaches requests. They were pretty far removed from the area when the Minnesota West players jumped the fence to try and get to them. I am a 70-year-old grandparent, and in my many years of non-pro football games had never witnessed anything like this before.