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Letter: Trips to Rothenburg, DTM are highlights

Jaron Sternke, Worthington exchange student to Crailsheim

Hello Worthington! I have been in Germany for three months now. Within these last months, my German has improved exponentially. I understand a lot, and my speaking is constantly getting better.

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In October, I went on a couple of trips with my host family and my friends. The first trip I went on was to the city of Rothenburg. The city is surrounded by a very old wall. The buildings inside are also very old. While in Rothenburg, we took a tour of the city, walked on the wall surrounding the city, went in St. James Cathedral and ate some of those famous snow balls, which are delicious!

Shortly after Rothenburg, I went to the DTM (Drutches Tour Meisterschaft) with some really good friends of mine. It was really cool. The DTM is a race in which cars from BMW, Audi and Mercedes participate. I wanted Mercedes to win, but I’m sorry to say that Audi won. Before the race, we went into the pit stop. It was really interesting to see all the mechanics working on the cars before the race. Before the pit stop, we watched the Porsche cup. The name pretty much explains that one. All in all, that was a really fun day!

The next week, I went to Neuschwanstein castle. It was beautiful! As you are approaching the castle, it feels like you are back in the medieval times. Even though the castle was built in the 1800s, King Ludwig II took extreme precautions to make the castle look medieval. In fact, to even build the castle, he first had to tear down an ancient castle that was in the way (apparently, it wasn’t “medieval” enough). I really enjoyed taking a tour of Neuschwanstein and learning its history. It’s too bad the castle was never actually finished, because I’m sure it would have increased the castle’s beauty.

The same day we visited Neuschwanstein, I went to the Bodensee. That was very interesting. We went to a museum and learned about the ancient people that used to live there. It was really cool because the people actually live on the Bodensee. They drove hundreds of long wooden stakes into the lake and fashioned walkways and homes on top of those stakes. We saw videos re-enacting the way they lived their lives thousands of years ago, which was really interesting to see.

Then, on Oct. 5, I packed my things and moved to Waldtann — the time had come for me to switch host families. The current family I am staying with is the family Sturm. They are very nice. The family consists of Gerald (the dad), Silka (the mom), Francesca (daughter) and Chiara (daughter). I am very greatful to them for taking me in, and am also very grateful to the family Düll. I know the memories I made with them will last a lifetime.

That’s all for now!