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Letter: Can we really call Obama a Christian?

By Leroy Vetsch, Brewster

All across America, social studies teachers bring current events into the classroom through a program called “CNN Student News.” This past week, the program presented a news article on President Obama and his Christian faith broadcasted into many classrooms in our middle and high schools. How genuine is his Christian faith and how truthful is CNN?

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CNN presented President Obama as a Christian who doesn’t outwardly display his Christian beliefs. The article presented the president as one who prays in making decisions. Christians, according to Scripture, are to show their love for one another.

It was reported by another news agency, World Net Daily, that in 2008 the Romeike family of Germany came to the U.S. and received asylum in 2010 because they were home-schooled, which was outlawed under the Nazi regime. According to WND, the Romeikes were fined by Germany before they fled to the U.S.

President Obama wants to deport the Romeike family. The Homeschooling Defense Legal Association wants a hearing on the Romeike’s case. President Obama sought a court order for deportation for this family. The U.S. Supreme Court has asked the Obama Administration twice to allow them to hear the case.

Why would a “Christian” president allow others to come to America, but would go against a Christian family? Why would our president want to deport a Christian homeschooling family if he is — as depicted in a news story as a praying Christian? Now, in my opinion, if President Obama is a Christian — as CNN shows our students across America — why wouldn’t the President demonstrate this in his actions toward a Christian homeschooling family?

Is CNN a voice piece for the president? Is CNN being disingenuous depicting our president as a Christian? Does CNN have a purpose for depicting our president as a devout Christian to this youthful audience?