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Letter: 'Angels' come to the rescue -- twice

Last Thursday, Dec. 12, my friend Sue from Luverne drove to Worthington to attend and help put on a Christmas party for 67 clients at the Nobles County Development Achievement Center on Nobles Street. Being unfamiliar with the new “turn around” highway, she stopped at Bob & Steve’s Shell to ask directions, and one of the angels offered to lead her straight to the DAC building.

After the party, this writer noticed the gas was low. My late husband Tom was adamant about any farm vehicle or car being less than half full. He must have turned over in his grave when he saw my gauge.

I stopped at Bob & Steve’s and an angel came out and put gas in. She was smiling and happy.

What a great act of kindness these two angels did on that cold December day.

We will be back to Bob & Steve’s. Thank you so much, angels.

Kay Cox