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Letter: Take time to pray this holiday season

Last Wednesday Dea and Wayne Klumper delivered their book to me about how the traffic accident of Wayne made people stop and pray for him and his family.

It got me thinking about how Wayne, Steve Ahlberg and our sons Dennis and Richard sat around our table on Pershing Boulevard, complaining how they spent many hours hunting and got nothing. In walked our youngest son Darwin from delivering the Daily Globe, carrying a big goose that Leo Ollendick gave him as Leo and group got more than they wanted. What the four boys said then is not printable. So I got to clean the goose.

After spending three weeks in the nursing home, it made me think about a lot of things. I believe many of us pray only when we want something for us or other people. I believe the whole town and many other people and places were praying for Wayne. I know it was a great help to Wayne and family.

In the nursing home one Sunday, I was listening to the bishop of Sioux Falls saying Mass, and he said 31 shopping days until Christmas, and then went on about how the real meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus. I really agree we are not doing the real meaning of Christmas to family, relatives and friends.

When our family was home and together, I always baked an angel food cake decorated with candles for each one’s birthday. So soon I made an angel food cake honoring the birth of Jesus at Christmas but forgot the candles until a Rich asked, “How old is Jesus?”

What I’m trying to say is I hope everyone takes time out to attend Christmas services and talk to your family, relatives and friends about the true meaning of Christmas. God is everywhere, and we should thank God for each day and each other.

Kathryn Beers