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Letter: Patronizing local businesses pays off

As I look back over 2013, it makes me ponder how I have lived in Worthington for almost 40 years and all of the life/business events that has passed in that time. I came here as a kid and have been self-employed for almost all of my adult life in Worthington.

I hear people talk about our community, and not all of them have many nice things to say. The most common comment is that Worthington is not what it used to be. I could not agree more, but not in the way that some will mean it. Worthington certainly has changed, but those changes affect our residents in different ways.

The positive silent majority is often drowned out by the 2 percent negitative minority that is always very vocal. It is important to get all of the facts before you form an opinion.

There is one myth that I would like to clear up, and that myth is that is is difficult to do business in Worthington.

I recently purchased a new office building on Oxford Street to house my investment business. For my use, it needed a complete remodel. This process started out with a building permit and the hiring of local tradesmen.

Many will say that these processes in Worthington are much more difficult to pull off than in other neighboring comunitites. My experience could not have been more the opposite.

Some will say that my experience is not the  norm, but I think is has a lot to do with intent. From the very outset, I, as a local business owner was compelled to buy my products and services in town.

We went from a close at the attorney’s office to moved in and operating in only 53 days.

In order to have pulled this off in this short of time frame would require that all of the stars align at exactly the right time. The studs went up and the electrical was roughed in, and an electrical inspection took place two days later. Sheetrock and plumbing rough in and another inspection. Every cog in this wheel was in perfect timing. Building materials were delivered on time every time.

In the end, I could not have asked for more from the city officials and the local building and trades community. With all of the local talent available in Worthington, it makes me wonder why there are so many company trucks from out of town working here.

I did not make one attempt to circumvent the rules or regulations, and I think if you have issues building in this town, it might be as a result of trying to take short cuts to the end result. Every time I called or needed help from city officials, they were Johnny on the spot to help me. The end result was outstanding.

Worthington has everything it takes to make this a great community. There is only one thing every one needs to do to ensure that this is always the case, and that is to shop and hire local. If you want local products and services, you need to patronize them to keep them vibrant and successful. I am sure that I could have saved a buck or two by going out of town, but how would that have benefited my home town and the people in it?

Thanks to all who made this project a success.

Scott Rall