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Letter: Chicken trade plan is for the birds

I was watching Dr. Oz on TV the other day, and Dr. Oz really got his feathers ruffled up when he was told about these Dumb Clucks in Washington and Wall Street cooking up this new trade deal with China.

We would send butchered chickens to China, and they would make chicken nuggets and canned soups, etc., and send it back. Then China would agree to buy our beef. Oh, the USDA would be trusted to make sure it was all inspected and that. This same USDA that allowed tainted hamburger from three different plants and countries to be mixed together, causing death and near death.

Companies don’t mind all kinds of advertising on their products, but it costs too much for origin of product labeling.

First of all, we don’t need China to buy our beef as the number of beef on farms is as low as it was in 1950. The price of beef has never been higher.

The water coming out of an American chicken processing plant is cleaner than the water going into a chicken plant in China. Of course, we can trust China not to throw in a little road kill along the way.

Then what about the millions of American workers who have had and will have the rug pulled from under them? They will join the millions of other unemployed by the one-sided free trade agreements. Only the Grinch and Scrooge would make deals like this while cutting unemployment payments.

There just isn’t much for them to crow about in Washington. If you stick up for the working man, they call you a Communist. So where do they go to make an extra buck, on slave labor? Want some American Communist Chinese chicken soup anyone?

Marvin Kroontje