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Letter: Media ducking the truth

By MIke Bogle, Windom

The first amendment was the first amendment because it is the bedrock of our way of life. It guarantees freedom of speech, religion, assembly and petition for redress of grievances.

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Although “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson’s speech is not the issue in this case, “hate speech” laws — which are totally subjective — are coming soon to a theater near you.

I’ve only watched one episode of “Duck Dynasty” and liked it. What’s not to like about four talking beards?

Although A&E has the right to do what they did, it makes them look worse than Phil.

The politically correct thought police forget that tolerance is a two-way street. There are some mean-spirited legalistic (rules trump relationship” Christians, the worst example being the Westboro Baptist Church of “God hates gays” fame and consisting of mostly one extended family. What is lost on the media and gay activists is that there are “nominal” (name only) Christians, and then there are real ones who mix love with truth.

The reason that “Duck Dynasty” is so popular and likeable is because its people are the real deal. If they were mealy mouthed (reluctant to speak frankly) liberals spouting platitudes, nobody would watch them.

The most revealing thing to me is listening to the ignorance of the Bible coming from the media. Bill O’Reilly seems to conflate words with action while verbally judging people every day. Bernie Goldberg, who I usually agree with, was “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” with his biblical comments.

You can love people without endorsing their behavior. We do it with our kids every day. If Christians used the vile and hateful rhetoric that gay activists use routinely, I would be outraged — but they don’t.

Phil’s colorful language about the gulf between gays and straights was accurate. Gays do not wake up one morning and make a rational decision to be gay. A straight person’s repulsion to homosexuality is just as natural and not a decision they make one day. Why people have same-sex attraction is complicated and fills volumes of psychological literature. Why people are straight fits on one page or less.