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Letter: Thoughts on a new library and Lake Okabena

By Roger E. Nelson, Worthington

Building a new Nobles County Library on the old pool site makes a great deal of sense to me. It can still be a park if the land is not sold. The county could build a library, and the city still retain the land. With the ponds on this site, it can be an aquatic learning center for the young and old. The pond supports turtles, frogs, crayfish, an abundance of song birds, and ducks and geese.

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The Daily Globe also had an additional recent article was on Lake Okabena. We should all do what we can to keep it clean as we can. However, we have to come to grips with the fact that it is a prairie lake and not a glacial lake. Algae bloom is part of the cycle of life of a prairie lake. This early winter we had at least 2,000 geese and ducks sitting on it, making direct deposits that have a lot of nitrates and phosphates in it, which helps create algae bloom.