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Letter: Look out for illegal alien sympathizing

By Michael Marcotte, Rushmore

They’re out there, lurking. No doubt “they” know who they are. Since Paul Westrum was not specific, I am not sure who they are. I am not sure if even Mr. Westrum knows who they are, either.

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Illegal aliens, no matter what planet they are from, must be getting sympathy from these suspect sympathizers. Also, it is obvious they must be in need of some sympathy, since that’s what sympathizers do — sympathize.

Maybe it’s the produce growers who depend on illegal labor. Or, maybe it’s those large meatpacking plants; they’re probably full of sympathy. I have also read where a certain large retail chain was quite sympathetic and hired illegal labor to build its stores. It could even be wealthy politicians reaching out to illegal labor to clean their pools and houses. Politicians are always looking to be sympathetic.

Anyway, all that sympathy is coming from somewhere from someone. So, be on the lookout for those suspicious sympathizers and their scandalous sympathizing!