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Letter: A Keystone XL pipe-dream

By Darwin Dyce, Ghent

Recently I read a syndicated column by Charles Krauthammer attempting to draw the public into supporting the Keystone XL Pipeline.

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After misrepresenting the very real dangers o f tar sands mining and building a pipeline to pump this highly corrosive oil across the U.S. for export to other countries, he urges the president signal an up or down on the pipeline. Reference was made to Canada as the Saudi Arabia of oil sands as a positive thing. Mining tar sands brings devastating pollution and is extremely energy intensive. Continuing to burn and emit this “Saudi Arabia of oil sands” further contributes to the dangerous buildup of greenhouse gases.

It is not in our best interest, nor Canada’s or the rest of the world, to continue propping up a carbon-based industry that brings harm to current and future generations. Yes, at present we are dependent upon many forms of carbon based fuels. That along with the impact of global climate change is even more of a reason to actively implement clean and sustainable energy production. Not only would it be a great investment in jobs, it will lessen the growing impact of global climate change.

Unfortunately, the president made no mention of Keystone XL in his State of the Union address. I agree it is time the president makes a stand. Yes, we are Canada’s friend and ally, but good friends call it like it is when a friend is living a lie. An all-of-the-above energy policy is unwise and reckless.

Canada needs to be told no on the Keystone XL Pipeline. It is time to advance safer and cleaner alternatives to carbon-based fuels. We can and must use the “can do” American spirit and ingenuity to advance safer and cleaner energy for the present and future.

If you want more facts and data about the impact of global climate change and the oil industry effort to create doubt about the science, utilize a web search using the words “Union of Concerned Scientists — global climate change.” Indeed, information is power. It is also critical to help, we the people, do our part to bring about much-needed change.