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Letter: One way of explaining the propane crisis

By Andy Olson, Windom

The Imperial Kingdom — the City of London, together with the mythical ruler of Olympian Gods, Zeus — has been upset with the wayward colony, the United States, and their Promethean outlook for 238 years. Prometheus stole fire from heaven and taught mankind its use, for which Zeus punished him by chaining him to a rock.

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Americans have a long history of creatively increasing the density of fire for the betterment of all mankind. However, the Imperial City of London has responded by using Zeus methods to reverse American scientific and technological progress, chain our quest for breakthroughs and restrict our use of fire. In the recent period, primitive green energy has been imposed, American oil and gas exporting is ongoing, and serious domestic disruption of infrastructure and oil and gas supplies has been troublesome. How did this happen, since citizens lawful perception was the flood of new gas and oil would promote energy independence and more stable pricing, but just the opposite has occurred?

To understand this dilemma we need to discuss the relevant Imperial energy giants, but before that, we must look at the City of London’s Imperial energy policy for America.

The policy is to provide as much heavy Canadian crude oil as American refineries can handle, then export all excess heavy Canadian crude along with sweet American crude oil to include any loose refined U.S. petroleum. The goal is to maintain high domestic prices for the American consumers, since unwanted surplus gas depresses retail prices. This policy reflects the status quo about which the major media has written little. Now about the giants.

The first energy giant is premier Canadian pipeline and terminal controller Enbridge Energy, the gatekeepers of heavy Canadian crude oil. Enbridge controls one of the largest pipeline hubs in America at Clearbrook, Minn.

The second North American pipeline and terminal mega giant is Houston, Texas-based Kinder Morgan, a 15-year start up hedge fund that today controls 82,000 miles of pipeline. Kinder Morgan is a favored Wall Street hedge fund that bought out the 1,900 mile Alberta, Canada to the Midwest Cochin propane pipeline. Kinder Morgan received a presidential permit to reverse this vital propane infrastructure, and soon will pump light U.S. distillates to enable Enbridge and relevant Canadian pipelines to dilute heavy tar sand crude so it can easily flow to the U.S. Note the priority extended to Canada crude.

The third terminal and pipeline g asset. Buffett has an extensive pipeline and terminal network that extends throughout America and the Gulf of Mexico. Locally Buffett has terminals in Sanborn, Iowa, Jackson and Vernon Center, Minn. Also, Buffett’s BNSF railroad is using and will use more Kinder Morgan coastal export terminals as destinations for Bakken crude oil unit trains. As one can determine, the energy giants do not have the general welfare of American consumers as their number one priority.

If purported investigations of the present intentional export policies and disruption of infrastructure doesn’t identify the energy giants as responsible but only lip service is exercised, then promethean citizens will have a diminished access to fire and we may even find ourselves chained to a rock. It should be easy for citizens to identify the relevant elected officials who are apologists for the Imperial energy controllers and only pay lip service to their constituents.