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What Veterans Day means to me

Editor’s note: The following essays were judged as placewinners in the recent Worthington Elks Lodge Americanism contest.

First place — Sixth grade

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When I think of Veterans Day, I think of the hundreds of courageous soldiers who are willing to go out and lay their lives on the line on that battlefield for me and you and all the other American citizens. But if I had to describe the first word that popped into my mind when I heard the word Veterans Day, it would be sacrifice. Sacrifice not only of the soldiers but the aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and all the other loved ones of those soldiers who have to go through that sacrifice, too. Each one of them has to be willing to have a knot in your stomach wondering if they’ll ever come back home. I think of a lot if things when I think of Veterans Day, but I decided to make this short and sweet. So that’s my thought on what I think of Veterans Day.

Gavin Jacobsen, Riverside Elementary, Jackson

Second place — Sixth grade

Veterans Day means a lot to me! How the veterans are able to have fought for our freedom and our country is amazing. They must have been brave people. That would honestly be hard for me. I don’t think I would be brave enough to do what they did and do.

It also means a lot to me because my great grandpa was in World War II, and I am a proud great granddaughter. My great grandpa passed away this year, and it was neat to see the honor guard at his burial. I found and saved a bullet shell from his burial. I also saved some flowers from his casket. I thought that was all really neat. During the war he was captured by his enemy, but later they let him go. He was lucky to be alive because he got shot in the arm. I’m glad he didn’t die because he was young, and if he would have died I wouldn’t be here today. I hope all servicemen and women stay safe, too.

That’s why Veterans Day means so much to me.

Kelsi VanSanten, Edgerton Christian School

Third place — Sixth grade

I think Veterans Day, after Christmas and Easter, is one of the most important holidays. It brings out the patriotic side of people. I think that all of the veterans of America deserve their special holiday and the respect that comes along with it.

After all, THEY are the ones that willingly sacrifice their lives for our country. THEY are the ones that fight for us to keep our liberty and freedom. THEY are the ones who put their sweat and blood into defending this country. That’s why I think that all the veterans, dead or alive, serving or retired, deserve their own special holiday. And not just the veterans of the World Wars, but every veteran who has served. So veterans, old or young, male or female, I salute you.

William Bleyenberg, Edgerton Christian School