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Letter: Thanks to those who represent us

By Dr. Richard G. Shrubb, President, Minnesota West Community and Technical College

I’ve had the pleasure of working enough with our legislators here in southwest Minnesota to know what great people and public servants they are.

In addition to the unflinching support I’ve always experienced from our senators and representatives, we learned last week that Governor Dayton’s supplemental budget proposal includes $17 million in additional base funding for our colleges and universities. The governor also supports increased flexibility in how we are able to spend these funds. For these things, we thank him very much.

We also learned that there could be a hearing in the House on supplemental funding for higher education as early as this week. Take a moment to thank our labor associations on campus for their assistance in communicating with the governor and our state legislators, and encourage statewide support for ongoing supplemental funding.

Stay in touch with the good people who represent us, and tell them thanks once in a while. We’re in this together.