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As others see it: Keep letting "Sunshine' in

By Dakota Newspaper Association

When Bob Schieffer — longtime chief Washington correspondent for CBS News — gives a shout-out to the Mitchell Daily Republic for its investigative reporting, it doesn’t get much better.

That is exactly what happened one evening last week in the nation’s capital. Daily Republic Editor Seth Tupper was at the National Press Club to accept an award from the national Public Notices Resource Center for the Daily Republic’s reporting about a secret $175,000 severance package between the Huron school and a former superintendent. ...

That brings us to this week — Sunshine Week, an annual nationwide observance to bring attention to the importance of public access to government information and government meetings. Important especially in a democracy. If a government of the people, by the people and for the people is going to work, then those people must be informed.

Public access to government records and government meetings is fundamental to good government. Openness and transparency in government tamps out suspicions, rumor mongering and innuendos. Sunshine is a good thing.

Sunshine proved to be a good thing when Bob Schieffer and his colleagues were reporting on Watergate in the early 1970s. And sunshine was a good thing when Seth Tupper and his team were pursuing the details of a secret severance package in Huron last year.