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Letter: Trip to carnival one of February's highlights

By Jaron Sternke, Worthington exchange student to Crailsheim

Hello Worthington! February was a really memorable month. In the beginning of February, I moved to Tiefenbach to live with the family Keller. They are awesome! I now have a guest brother (Lucas), a guest sister (Anna) and my two guest parents (Manuela and Thomas).

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Early in February, I went with Lucas and Anna to a carnival. That was really cool. At the carnival there were a lot of people, and it had a really good band. After the carnival, I went with my guest family to Burgberg. Burgberg is the highest point in Crailsheim, and from bottom to top is roughly a 45-minute walk. At the top of Burgberg is a tower — after I climbed it, I was able to see all of Crailsheim and the surrounding villages. On the way back down from Burgberg, my guest family and I enjoyed ourselves by skipping rocks and playing hide-and-seek in the forest.

Then, shortly after Burgberg, the time came to choose the exchange student that will come back with me to America. It was decided that Vanessa Pazurek would be the next exchange student. I am excited and I know that we will have fun together.

After that meeting, we enjoyed the city celebration day. That was cool. First, a couple days before the actual celebration day, was a gala. My guest dad moderated it, and he was really good. The food there was also amazing! Then the celebration day came. All kids in the school system received horaffens from the city. It was delicious! Then in the evening, we went to see the mayor. It was a really fun day.

In the beginning of March, I went on a week long ski trip in Austria. I’ll tell you about that in my next letter; that’s all for now.