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Letter: Recovery center deserves citizens' support

By Amber Taarud, Wortington

I am writing this letter in reference to the article “Neighbors Speak out Against Planned Recovery Center” in the April 25 edition of the Daily Globe. After reading the article, I feel it has created disappointment on many different levels. The lack of support shown by community citizens, the thought of knowing who has problems, the location and more were thoughts going through my head.

I understand the concern for safety, but isn’t this world we live in almost unsafe anywhere we go? We send our kids to school, go to malls, attend events and ride on airplanes where at any time someone could decide to go on a gun rampage. Every day, those who get into a vehicle drive, shop and travel.

What I appreciate about these homes is that they aren’t only for addicts, but for individuals who have been abused or are suffering from an economic catastrophe. It is also a volunteer program, so these individuals are there by their choice. They are not forced or court-ordered. These individuals are trying to take a step in the right direction in seeking help. They want to create a change in their life, so why deny them this? Why limit their opportunity to better themselves by not supporting centers? They are also required to have a job. They are there to get help and carry on with their life while getting the support they need for their addiction or support from being abused. Shouldn’t we all be supportive of those struggling?

We all have skeletons in our past, with some being greater than others. Some of us currently have problems, whether small or big. The unknown is comforting to many, whereas the known circumstances tend to create fear within the community. So, we should not deny a chance for people to better their lives and should provide the center for them. Treatment centers, mental health clinics/hospitals and recovery centers are places we need, and the location should not make a difference.

With that said, a big “thank you”goes to Tom Christian, the program director of Morning Star, and all others who are trying to make this center possible. It is people like them that we need more of in this world. I would and will give my support 100 percent.