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Letter: Small Animal Clinic staff caring, compassionate

By Diane Remakel, Worthington

I have been a resident of Worthington for a long time and I, like most of us, take for granted the wonderful businesses that we have in our town and how they are here when we need their services.

One such business, if you own a pet, is the Worthington Veterinary Small Animal Clinic. I have found myself there at least once a year — some years a few more times in between. You see, we adopted a kitty almost 19 years ago, and she made her first trip into this very important doctor’s office to make sure she was healthy, and made subsequent visits after that.

Well, last week, this elderly “kitty” was not so healthy any more, and in her own way told us it was time. So I made the dreaded last visit to our local VMC clinic. I am most grateful to all the staff at this office, as whenever I have gone there. They have always been so wonderful, and this trip was no different — except this was the trip that it meant the most.

If you are not a pet owner, you may not understand how difficult it is to say goodbye to a beloved pet, and the staff there was so caring, sensitive and compassionate.

My utmost thanks go to the girls at the Veterinary Medical Small Animal Clinic. I will never forget how you all helped me through a very emotional situation, and I am very grateful for this small, but so important business and its employees.