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Letter: Technology won't solve our water woes

By LeRoy K. Peterson , Slayton

After reading the articles in last week’s Daily Globe regarding what to do with Lake Ocheda and also the concern over water supply to the city of Worthington, it is apparent that we are at a point in our society where no one attempts to work at anything within the natural laws but only through some new plan or technology. This is exactly why we are failing to accomplish anything with regard to water supply or water quality.

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The solution to Lake Ocheda seems to be to eliminate the rough fish that keep the lake from being able to produce emergent vegetation. To do this there is a need to simulate a drawdown, which is done — I assume — by manipulation of the outlet dam at great cost. This is no cure, because when the drawdown is over the dam is still there holding the lake at an artificial level that does not permit it to allow any emergent vegetation to grow and keep on growing.

Why not instead of creating an artificial drawdown, remove the dam in its entirety and allow the lake to maintain its own level of comfort and heal itself? Same with regard to our depleted ground water supply. Underground aquifers need to be replenished by water filtering down through the ground into the aquifers. Over the last years, we have had very little rain that gets down to them before it is intercepted by tile and diverted into the ditches, creeks and rivers that then reach our lakes, keeping them at too high a level and creating more bad quality water.

Anyone out there who cannot grasp the fact that our society is on a collision course with self destruction? Change in our lifestyles is what is required to solve our problems — not employment of new plans and modern technology.