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Letter: Hagedorn would only create more gridlock

By Doug Bauman, Brewster

It’s too bad that Jim Hagedorn used his interview with the Daily Globe to take potshots at Tim Walz. While Jim Hagedorn has been spending his time since 2010 trying to make a name for himself and attempting to run for Congress, Tim Walz has been busy working with Republicans and Democrats to get things done for southern Minnesota.

Both GOP candidates — Hagedorn and Aaron Miller — said that if elected they would join the Tea Party caucus. The Tea Party caucus is the small group in Congress led by Michele Bachmann that tried to derail and delay the Farm Bill, a bill our region’s economy needed to move forward. While Hagedorn’s Tea Party caucus was creating gridlock in Congress, Tim Walz was working hard with farmers and consumers here in Minnesota to make sure a balanced Farm Bill finally passed Congress.

Jim Hagedorn promised not to run if he did not receive the GOP endorsement. He has already broken that promise, and his name hasn’t even appeared on a ballot yet. Imagine how many promises he’ll break if he’s elected!

I’ll choose honesty and hard work over broken promises and partisanship any day. I’ll choose Tim Walz again in 2014.