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Letter: Culture struggles to define fact versus fiction

By Mike Bogle, Windom

In the April 17 Daily Globe, Robert Emary was critical of Tim Walz challenger Aaron Miller for opposing the teaching of evolution in schools. Of course Robert gave no evidence for evolution, because there is no good evidence.

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This winter I read two of Barack Obama’s books, “Hope and Change” and “Dreams from My Father.” In the former he says in one sentence that he believe in evolution and global warming, but even more disturbing is that he practices nothing he preaches of the political ethics he exposes.

Global warming is based on computer models, not the facts. Global temperatures have been stable for 12 years and have risen about 1 percent in a century, most before the ’40s. Mars is getting warmer, however, no doubt due to Martians burning coal. During Roman times and the middle ages, the planet was much warmer that it is now. To keep the grant money coming in, it’s now called “climate Change.” A meaningless phrase!

If you’ve ever heard a debate between a creationist and an evolutionist you know that the later uses 95 percent ridicule and 5 percent weak “evidence.” If they get the floor first, which they hate, they last about five minutes. They rely mostly on consensus (like “global warmest”), which is not scientific but only proves they all have the same nutty professors.

Charles Darwin said that if his theory were true, men would find massive numbers of transitional fossils. The largest collection of fossils in the world, the British Museum in London, contains by their own admission not a one. Darwin said that if life turned out to be too complex, evolution could not work. That was before cells were known, much less DNA.

Obama and other self-proclaimed, “know it alls” claim the science is settled, which reminds me of the head of the U.S. patent office at the turn of the last century saying that everything that can be invented had been.

The losers in all this are our children who are not being taught to think critically but mythologically in biology and anecdotally in climate science. Acting on global warming will destroy the faltering economy. Acting on evolution destroys the mind. Every mass-murdering despot acted on its implications.