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Letter: Exchange student enjoys visit from family

By Jaron Sternke, Worthington exchange student to Crailsheim

The last few months have been pretty exciting. It started on March 1, when my guest family (Kellers) and I went on a week long ski trip in Piztal, Austria. It was a new experience for me because I’ve never went skiing before.

On the trip to Piztal, we visited the Benni-Raich-Bridge. This bridge is the highest walking-only bridge in Europe. The Benni-Raich-Bridge is 308 feet high and 452 feet long. After our visit we got settled in the house that we were going to live in for a week.

The next day, the time came to stand on skis for the first time. At first I thought that it was a little unusual, but then I got used to the feel. That day I took a ski course with my guest sister’s boyfriend, Richi. I learned a lot, but skiing is way harder than it looks! I can’t even count the number of times I fell down during the course — and that was on the bunny slope.

The second day, I went skiing on the actual mountain. That was really cool. I went pretty slow because I didn’t have all the control I needed. On that day I only skied blue and red courses. I fell down on the second day ,too, but not as often as the first day.

The next day everyone put green hats on their helmets because it was Carnival Tuesday. It looked really funny, but we weren’t the only ones with costumes on. The fourth day was the day that I started to get a really good feel on my skis. The weather wasn’t the best with almost blizzard conditions, but that made it all the more exciting. The next two days we went up on a glacier together and skied there. The ski trip was a lot of fun, and I know it was a good start to something I will enjoy for the rest of my life.

Shortly after the ski trip, my guest family and I went to Langenburg to look at the castle that is there. I found that really interesting because the Furst (Prince) of Hohenlohe (the area I live in) lives there. He is related to Prince Charles.

The next week I started practice on unicycling. In Tiefenbach (the village I live in), almost everyone can unicycle. It’s harder than I thought it would be, but after a weeks practice I was able to go around 170 feet without falling.

Another highlight was the Harlem Globetrotters. They came to Crailsheim on March 29. The tricks and shots they made were unbelievable. Both my guest brother (Lucas) and I received a ball signed from all the players and the coach.

Then, on March 30, my mom and dad (Sheryl and Ron), sister (Amy), brother-in-law (Andy), and my two younger brothers (Jonathan and David) came to visit me. I was really glad to see them again! The day after they came, we traveled to Schloss Neuswanstein, and we took a tour of the castle there. On our way back down from the castle, we took a coach to the parking lot. The horses that pulled us were beautiful! My brother, David, and I got to control the reins. We really got the feeling of how things were a couple hundred years earlier.

Then, on Tuesday, we visited the school, and my parents got to meet my teachers and classmates. Shortly after our school visit, we had lunch with the next exchange student (Vanessa Pazurek 2014-2015) and her family. It was nice to get to know them. I know Vanessa will have a good year in America.

On April 2, we went to Rothenburg. It was really pretty there, and we enjoyed walking through the city together. While in Rothenburg we also visited Zum Holl; an 1,100-year old building. The next day, Carola Schnabel gave us a tour of Crailsheim. It was interesting to learn about the history behind Crailsheim. Then, on Monday, we went to the Post Office to see how things work here. It was especially interesting for my parents because they both work at the post office there in Worthington. After that, my time with my family came to an end. The time was to short but I enjoyed it a lot.

After my family’s visit, Easter came around. It was really fun because on Easter my guest family hid a present for me and then I had to solve a variety of clues to find it. It was a lot of fun. Later in the day, all the family came and we ate together.

Then, on the 30th of April, we went to the May Tree Party. Every village in the area puts a tree in the middle of the village, and then the whole town comes together for grilling and talking. It was a really cool experience.

Then the time came to change guest families. I am very thankful for my guest family (Kellers) and everything they have done with me. I know I will carry the memories I made with them for the rest of my life.

I still live in Tiefenbach now, but with the Aschenbrenner family. We get along great, and I like them a lot! That’s all for now.