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Letter: Senators care more about Wall Street than water

By Andy Olson, Windom

Presently, our national political leadership is failing to meet the historical standard of the United States. One key historical standard has been represented by exceptional public infrastructure, which embodies the general welfare principal “to promote the general welfare” as stated in the Preamble of our Constitution.

Our elected leaders have curiously been responding to area calamities such as ice storms, inadequate public drinking water, and recent flooding as having to meet thresholds and emphasizing limited resources. Plus, state and local jurisdictions are called upon to step up and assume the financial burden the federal government has reneged on. Understandably, citizens and officials are reacting with aversion to this crippling austerity.

Keeping the above in mind, permit me to address the hypocrisy and deception inherent in the rhetoric of our two U.S. senators.

One only has to look at Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken’s support for Wall Street and perpetual war versus weakness on public infrastructure to discern who has their ear and foremost attention. Amy Klobuchar has voted for every war and Wall Street bailout that has cost America trillions, yet she and Al Franken can’t deliver on $60 million to finish the Lewis & Clark water project? Their failure to endorse Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass) 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act (S. 1282) demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are Wall Street hired hands.

The South Dakota Republican Party Convention on June 21 passed a resolution for the immediate impeachment of President Barack Obama. One should ask Wall Street stooge and former U.S. House of Rep. Majority Leader Eric Cantor if the revolt of the American people has begun.