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Letter: Representative explains absence from forum

By District 22B Rep. Rod Hamilton, R-Mountain Lake

Recently, the Daily Globe called me out for not attending an immigration documentary that was shown in Worthington late last week. I thought an explanation was in order.

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As many residents are aware, I battle multiple sclerosis on a daily basis. Throughout the year I travel to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester to undergo a battery of tests, bloodwork and MRIs to determine how the MS is progressing. Once these procedures are finished, I meet with a number of doctors and receive a health assessment to determine if the current MS plan of action is working or if we need to make some changes.

This appointment was scheduled at the same time as the “Abrazos” event. As it is one of the most important medical visits I have during the year, I chose to keep it. Had I canceled, it would have taken three to six months to get my appointment rescheduled at Mayo.

Though I was unable to attend this forum, I continue to remain active with and supportive of the Latino community in Worthington. I favored the Dream Act. I have held town hall meetings to discuss driver’s license issues. I was involved with Hispanic business owners as they worked to become members of the Worthington Chamber of Commerce.

I apologize to anyone who was upset that I was unable to attend Friday’s immigration event, and am hopeful this explanation clears up any confusion as to why I couldn’t make it.