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Letter: Writer's views on Islam require a response

By Mohamed Sharif, Sioux Falls, S.D. 

I am writing in response to a letter from Marvin Kroontje published in the July 10 Daily Globe. As a Muslim American, I truly believe that people are entitled to their opinion. However, bigoted and racist views should not be spread without being corrected.

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The truth of the matter is that Islam is the most growing religion in the whole world and in north America — maybe not in Magnolia. More than 1.4 billion are the followers of this great religion, and it is a great mistake to label all of them as Al-Qaeda followers or supporters. History must be read entirely, not in bits and pieces that fit the writer’s mindset.

When Jews fled the persecution of Christians in Spain, they fled to the Muslims’ north African countries and still live there. I advise Marvin to be open-minded and to get out of Magnolia, and to please come visit us in Sioux Falls to broaden his knowledge.