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Letter: Time to rethink time

By Mike Bogle, Windom

Mary Henkels’ July 3 letter “Another Take on Creationism” fails to give evidence for evolution, which was my original point.

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While a day can mean an indeterminate time period, in Genesis 1 it implies a normal day — even though “evening and morning” in the Hebrew can be translated, “chaos and order,” respectively.

There is growing evidence, however, that the speed of light has been slowing down at least until 1980, strangely enough. If true, the days then relative to today would have been much longer — even millions of years. Einstein said that time, past, present and future is nothing more than a persistent illusion. It changes dramatically with the speed of the observer. For reasons too complicated to repeat, the structure of the galaxies indicate an age of 15 billion years.

This could account for the fact that dinosaurs lived on a completely tropical planet, and were killed off after the flood and other catastrophes related to it, such as the tilting of the earth’s axis and the collapse of the firmament (this is referenced 17 times in scripture), which caused a loss of 50 percent air pressure. This would leave pterodactyls flightless and large dinosaurs breathless.

Science tries to explain what we “know” currently. Mythology explains what we don’t. Evolution is taught mythologically because there isn’t enough hard science to back it up. Science cannot tell us where life came from, so it can’t tell us how it evolved.

Life violates the first law of thermodynamics (entropy). This means it originated outside of the observable universe.

Evolution violates a primary principal of scripture that death did not exist until man sinned. Evolution involves the death of countless generation to achieve complexity.

I suppose God could have used evolution as Mary and the Pope believe, but why is there such little evidence for it, plus the Bible doesn’t even hint at such a method. It seems foolish that an all-powerful God would use such an inefficient death-dealing method. It takes a chicken to make an egg and an egg to make a chicken; only God can do both at the same time.

If one studies the Bible as rigorously as physics and the natural world, you will find no contradictions. I do pray for peace and understanding, knowing it will never be achieved until the Prince of Peace returns.

Finally, for those who reject that light could slow down, forget that the fact that light travels at a finite speed 186,000 miles per second was rejected by the scientific community for 50 years after its discovery.