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Letter Public artworks express community values

The Worthington Public Arts Commission (WPAC) would like to thank the Worthington City Council for supporting and approving the public art projects completed during the Windsurfing Regatta.  The art created during the week involved young people and adults working together with visiting artists on projects which now enhance our community.  Pieces created include the VFW mural, YMCA fish mosaic; replacement turtle mural at Sailboard Beach, and mobiles installed at Memorial Auditorium, Worthington Convention Center, Nobles County Library, Worthington Middle School, High School and Prairie Elementary.  The artworks express the values held by the community — patriotism, historical perspective, cultural enrichment, and physical and artistic activities.

The commission would also like to thank the other individuals and groups that supported the Worthington public art projects through funding, and/or in-kind donations (equipment, materials, and time):

The Nobles County Integration Collaborative, Gary’s Painting, Worthington Electric, Prairie Land Trees Inc., WOW Board and staff members at the receiving locations.  

The WPAC  is very grateful to Greta Murray, Nicole DeBoer and the Southwest MN Arts Council for their support, and the Arts Legacy Project Grant which made this all possible!  

The WPAC looks forward to working with the Worthington community on future projects which reflect our common interests and hope to see ongoing support for future project proposals. Worthington citizens interested in joining the WPAC, or helping out in any other way can contact individual members or Worthington City Office.

Worthington Public Arts Commission:

Gail Holinka, Kathy Craun, Scott Kraft, Antonio

Madrigal, Mary Thompson, City Council representative Mike Kuhle