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Letter: Vote Hagedorn in Aug. 12 Republican primary

By David Bosma, Wilmont

Hard work, determination, integrity, knowledge of the issues, and a principled attitude holding you to your position on those issues.

These are items that should be looked for in any candidate.

Currently in Minnesota’s 1st district, there is one candidate with all these attributes. That candidate’s name is Jim Hagedorn. Every day since announcing his candidacy, Jim Hagedorn has been crisscrossing this district, shaking hands and getting to know the people. Visiting as many local coffee shops and main streets as possible, he has been working hard to get out his message of limited government and following the rule of law.

Very early on, Jim posted on his web site his specific positions and solutions for 11 major issues facing us today. He has continued updating them as many new issues have arisen since last fall.

He has even taken it upon himself to publish them in debate format on his Facebook page, since his competitor feels it unnecessary to inform voters of his positions in an open public debate.

Jim’s experience as a legislative aide taught him how to move bills through Congress. In addition, his time at the U.S. Treasury, where he slashed millions from his own department’s budget, proves that he is unafraid to hold to his conservative principles.

Right now we need a true leader representing us in Washington, not someone that will go along to get along, or who will just toe the party line to keep his position. These are the reasons I will be voting for Jim Hagedorn on Aug. 12.