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Letter: District offers Credit Recovery, online learning opportunities

WORTHINGTON — The Worthington Area Learning Center (ALC) is an alternative model that provides a variety of educational programs leading to a high school diploma. 

Note: Any student from our area should communicate with their school counselor or principal to see if they qualify

Who qualifies for Credit Recovery at the Worthington Area Learning Center:

  • Learners who are younger than age 21.
  • Learners who have fallen behind in making progress toward high school graduation.
  • Learners who benefit from a small school setting that can fit their individual needs
  • Learners who have dropped out of school and want to return to complete their high school education.

The Worthington Area Learning Center offers a variety of learning programs through our day school, Trojan Learning Academy, and night class offerings. Our primary goal is to help our students increase academic growth, recover credits and explore career options in the community and the state of Minnesota.

Please contact us to see what learning programs that you can enroll in to obtain your high school diploma. If you are interested in credit recovery or have any questions please visit our website at:

District 518 Online Learning Opportunities

VIBE Online Academy is a public school using an innovative model to provide our students with the best education possible. Our unique educational approach allows us to tailor an education that is specific to each learner. K-8 students may enroll full-time. High School (9-12) students may enroll full-time or take supplemental classes. If you are interested in online learning or have any questions please visit our website at:

The Worthington Area Learning Center (WALC) and Virtual Instruction by Excellence (VIBE) is dedicated to meeting your needs in a caring, supportive learning environment. If you have any additional questions regarding programming please contact: Nate Hanson, 372-1605 or .

Nate Hanson is the Alternative Learning principal for Worthington School District 518.