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Letter: A series of misplaced DFL priorities

By Mike Handzus, Lakefield

I am writing in response to the July 31 article stating that the DFL Majority Leader is going to introduce a bill requiring employers to pay for employees’ birth control, in direct opposition to the recent U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby.

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You have to ask yourself where these people come from and how they think like this. Employers do not have to provide health insurance for their employees to start with. The DFL should be thankful that employers offer insurance now, which by the way is becoming more difficult thanks to Obamacare (which needs to be repealed in its entirety).

All the DFL has done is try to destroy capitalism and Christianity (an example is allowing gay marriage in the state). Instead,m why not try to cure some of the ills that are destroying this state and country? One example would be to stop paying people to keep reproducing when on welfare.

Also, we should stop identity theft, or get serious about putting an end to the drug problem, or stop child sex trafficking, or the rape and murder that is going on in the state. But no — we have to spend time unionizing child care workers.

Everyone better wake up and start paying attention as to what is going on around them before the final nail in the coffin of our individual rights and freedoms is nailed down.