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Letter: Speed checked by a 'snake in the grass'

By Dale Aden, Okabena

I was a longtime fan of the TV show “The Dukes of Hazzard” and loved the series’ characters. One who stood out for me was Boss Hogg, the ever-conniving police chief who did whatever he could in an attempt to further his scheming practices.

Last Friday at about 10:30 a.m., as I approached Brewster on Minnesota 60, I saw a Boss Hogg impersonator disguised as a maroon snake in the grass with radar guns a-blazing. This snake had slithered his way in the tall grass median of the highway until invisible, ready to strike his victim at a moment’s notice.

This sneaky-snake approach will nab a few victims, but is this negative approach the right way to promote highway safety? Using this approach I could see Boss Hogg smiling, sitting back in his squad car, puffing on a cigar while just waiting in the grass for the Dukes or anybody else to be his next cash hog.

Yes, speeding is a problem and should be dealt with in a positive manor. I wonder how far off before drones patrol our highways.