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Letter: New MnDOT regulations must be repealed

By Mike Handzus, Lakefeld

The new Minnesota Department of Transportation rules that it implemented last fall pertaining to individuals being able to mow and bale adjacent to their own property are totally insane.

Now, individuals need to apply for a permit by Feb. 28 to be considered ahead of others. Also, there are requirements such as the amounts and types of insurance necessary, use of safety equipment mounted on mowing vehicles and worn by individuals mowing, the amount of the permit deposit fee, permit reassignment and procedures, and how many miles a permit will cover.

They should be sending thank-you notes to everyone instead. It’s that much more that MnDOT doesn’t have to do, along with chemicals that don’t have to be put down.

Fortunately, there is Senate File 218, which is sitting in Senator Newman’s committee (his phone number is 651-296-4131) waiting to be heard. As I understand, it would repeal this in its entirety. I urge everyone to call Senator Newman’s office and ask him to have it heard as soon as possible. Also, call your senator and representative and have them do everything possible to get this repealed.

Also, I understand that there is only a three-day posting before it is on the agenda, and they may or may not take oral or written arguments regarding it. You can contact David Larson, committee administrator, at (651) 296-6501 to find out this information. This is under the Transportation, Finance and Policy Committee.

It is important that this legislation for repeal stands alone, so that it is not included with other bills and then have a chance of being revoked.